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Cyclo Sound is a musical project tied strictly to electronic music at variable speeds.
The name originates Cyclo Sound and inspiration from the Loop.
In music, a loop is a sample.
Loop is a sampling of a sound recorded and repeated , through the use of specific tapes , sound effects or software provided. "Cyclo Music"
Cyclo Sound moves in this direction and is placed in a context of pure music research and sound.
Noise as Muisc and Music as Noise.
In this definition Cyclo Sound collects the best of contemporary electronic music.
In this dimension, the music moves and funds through a variety of styles, from Jazz to Pop, from minimalism to ther post-rock, from noise to silence, the melody to sound experimentation.
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Natural Pitcher [a frame of life Podcast] by JemB || Ashh Ist

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Lunar Odyssey from Andrew Walker on Vimeo.

Timelapse of the Lunar Eclipse that took place April 15th 2014. Shot on 2 5D Mark III cameras using Canon lenses and a RED Epic with a 300-1200mm Canon Century zoom lens that is used on IMAX cameras. Motion control was done using an eMotimo TB3 and the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero track.

2001: A Space Odyssey
Jupiter And Beyond - The Bavarian Radio Orchestra

Twitter: Drew599


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Adventures in Techno Soul Radio Show #2
[podcast series] feat. Ashh Ist || JemB”

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